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Where do you ship products?
out our wholesale access form

Where do you ship products?
We produce Fresh, Made-to-Order product to any destination within Canada.

Do we need to be a specialty store?
No. We have found through years of experience, with our broad customer base, fudge is successful in any type of store. Key things to keep in mind: location of display and to maintain a clean, neat attractive full display. It is an exciting product, liked by almost everyone, making a great add-on to your sales!

Is your fudge soft or hard?
Each piece of fudge, that we produce, is specially prepared to reflect the finest available.  With the many types of fudge that are available in the market from firm, grainy, sugary to very soft, doughy, gooey, we try to satisfy with a medium texture.  If you would like your fudge a little more firm, let it stand out of its package a few hours or overnight to allow it to firm up.   Some like it served up from a cooler place. This type of storage can also give a more firm texture.   Like it a little softer: 10 to 20 seconds in the microwave is great!  If you would like it to stay softer: knead the fudge until it is as soft as you like.  Any of these methods of changing the texture will not effect the wonderful flavour.  Hope you like it!

Nut allergies?
Although we scrape our marble tables between batches, we use nuts throughout our production cycle. Our peanut butter fudges are always made at the end. If you have serious allergies to nuts, we recommend not to risk it. We do state there may be traces of nuts in any flavour.

What is the "Best Before Dating" for your fudge?
Our fudge contains no added preservatives. Sugar, a natural ingredient, is also a great natural preservative. Our fudge will not go "bad". After some time, the fudge may start to lose its moisture content or may start to get softer due to normal environmental conditions. This will not affect the taste or flavour. Our 180 gram fudge is shrink-wrapped. We supply a 3- month best before sticker on our regular Fudge flavours. A 2-month best before sticker is placed on our Sucrose Free fudge. Our fudge must be kept out of direct sunlight and at a consistent room temperature of 22⁰C (72⁰F).

In your startup information package, with your first order, we explain the step-by-step process of "zero product waste"

Can I freeze or refrigerate fudge?
We do not recommend you (the retailer) refrigerate or freeze the fudge as the risk of temperature spikes can cause instability and problems to the product. When selling fudge you can tell your customers that they can refrigerate the fudge as it will be eaten quickly (we’re confident of this!) once refrigerated.

How do my customers thaw the fudge?
If fudge is frozen, to properly thaw it first place in refrigerator for 24 hours, then place at room temperature. This prevents condensation affecting the fudge.

How do I handle your fudge properly to maximize enjoyment?
Please note that:

1) Fudge has a 3-month 'Best Before Dating'.
2) Fudge has to be kept at a consistent room temperature of 72⁰F / 22⁰C
3) Fudge has to be kept out of direct sunlight.
4) Fudge Rotation - 'older' product should be sold first.
5) Unlabeled, tampered with or removed labels automatically void any customer claims.
6) The Manufacturer will not be responsible for environmental factors and handling issues that arise after items leave their Facility.
7) Manufacturer does not recommend refrigeration or freezing fudge. The sale of product should be done on a fresh basis. The risk of temperature spikes can cause instability and problems to the product. Fudge that has been subjected to temperature changes, refrigerated or frozen will void customer claims.
8) Product must be returned to the Manufacturer for inspection, with prior approval, to affect any customer claims.

Do you have a Fundraising Program?
Fudge is a fun and unique fundraising alternative! Many organizations and clubs order our Fudge and Brittles for their fundraising efforts with great success. We have a dedicated program that guides you step-by-step. Almost 1/2 of the money from sales stays with the Fundraising Organization! From a small group to a national campaign, let us help. 1-888-235-5552 for more details. Additional info at fundraising or Call, fax or email for complete details.

Do you have any gift boxes or gift packaging?
Yes. We have Fudge 3-slice gift boxes available that are generic in there artwork so you can 'private label' the box. In addition, we have 5" x 7" single or double slice high-density bags available. These make a very nice addition to your Fudge merchandising program. The majority of sales to our customers are for regular direct consumption. It is the best way to sell a lot of fudge. If you wish to add a gift element to the fudge, we recommend that you make this as an add-on item. Due to thousands of ways to create a gift item, we leave this to the creative talents of each store.

What are your delivery turnaround times - is it next week shipping?
We make our fudge-to-order, every week. With almost 50 flavours, 3 fudge sizes and a large customer base, we need the necessary time to make, cool, cut, wrap, order fill and ship out your orders. Next, the shipping company (Canpar, Loomis or Canada Post) usually take one, two or more days to get the order to you. After the cut-off times for orders, totals are formulated for each flavour as to production requirements. We have systems in place that can efficiently operate in these tight time lines to effectively get all the orders out on schedule and keep the cost of your fudge down.

Please Note our Shipping and Ordering information
  1. ONTARIO & EAST COAST CUSTOMERS (except Newfoundland): Orders placed before FRIDAYS 5:00pm EST will generally be SHIPPED the following week.
  2. WEST COAST & NEWFOUNDLAND CUSTOMERS: Orders placed before WEDNESDAYS 5:00pm EST will generally be SHIPPED the following week. (Note: Destinations with longer shipping times may be delayed.)
  3. Please allow for extra shipping time during the summer months, holiday seasons and around long-weekends. We utilize a first come, first serve basis with our orders.
  4. Please specify what type of labelling is required for your order: headers or no headers, fudge labels etc.
  5. Charges for delivery service (CanPar, Loomis, Canada Post etc.) are based upon weight or dimensional weight, fuel surcharges, handling costs and Postal Codes - at a minimum.
  7. Order sizes over 1000 slices of Fudge or over 50 cases of total product will generally take extra production times. These situations will be discussed with customers/retailers on an order-by-order basis.

Do you ever have delays to your shipments?
Not typically. However, delays may occur during summer months, long-weekends, holiday seasons and heat events. We make adjustments but ask retailers to allow for delays during these periods.

Also, when our suppliers have delays with raw materials or other critical supplies, there can be rare delays. If this occurs, you will be contacted on an order-by-order basis.

Can I pickup my order?
Yes. We ship to every province and almost every Territory in Canada every production day. Nevertheless, if you are in a position to pickup your order, we can make the arrangements. Please make sure to indicate clearly to us that you wish to pickup. Pickups are only available between 9:00am to 4:00pm on Fridays. For instance, if you order today, you would be able to pickup on Friday of the following week under normal circumstances

Please consider having us ship to you as product can arrive quicker to you than if you picked up. In addition, the convenience factor of shipping is a strong positive for having Fudge shipped to you.

What method of payments do you offer?
For retailers, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Interac e-Transfer. We surcharge American Express payments by 2% to help cover the larger expense associated with this credit card. For Interac e-Transfers - which are easy to do - we will supply you with a password when you place your order so this payment method may be completed. We pre-authorize or take payment for all orders before we go into production so it is important that the payment method chosen be affected smoothly and quickly. C.O.D.'s, cheques, money orders, bank drafts and cash are not accepted, as we are not able to pre-authorize these forms of payment before production. All orders are F.O.B. our factory in Waterloo, Ontario. Prices, policies, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Showcases, do they really make a difference?
Yes! Presentation is one of the biggest factors in a successful fudge sales program. Our showcases are specifically designed for our fudge. They contain an attached P.O.P. sign, "Fresh Fudge" or "Fudge Frais". Together, it offers that classy, professional look. Make the statement, "We are in the fudge business!". A large display gives greater results. If you have your own showcase or wish to display the fudge on a shelf, tray or basket, the key factors are the same.

  1. Location
  2. Professional attractive display
  3. Clean neat appearance
  4. Restock and adjust to maintain a full looking display (reorder when half sold).

Have the customers saying, "Look, they just got the fudge in. Let's get some now", rather than "They don't have much left, wonder how long it's been sitting there".  Consider two showcases for even a greater presence.  With a larger flavour selection and improved eye appeal, look for increased sales!

Do you sell other products besides fudge?
YES, we have other products. In the almost 35 years we have been in business, we have been directly involved in a number of retail "gift and specialty shops". When our wholesale division started to grow substantially, we had good guidance on demand for alternate products. Strong re-ordering, growth of new customers, and favourable comments passed on from their consumers, confirms and assures us that we have one of the finest fudges available. We have had a steady stream of new products added over the years. Under our parent Company Brittles 'n More Ltd., we have Gourmet Brittles, Bavarian Beernuts, Caramel Bars, Chocolate Pizza Slices, Sponge Toffee, Turkish Delight and Butter Crunch available. All these items are available in multiple varieties and flavours. To be clear, we offer quality, large variety, good pricing and consistent next week friendly service, we specialize in fudge! And we have many other handmade, fresh-to-order items available to you also.

To be clear, we offer quality, large variety, good pricing and consistent next week friendly service, we specialize in fudge! And we have many other handmade, fresh-to-order items available to you also.

What is 'Creaming' Fudge?
'Creaming' in the context of Fudge making is the technique of blending ingredients, usually sugar and butter. After our fudge is properly cooked in Copper Kettles, we pour the hot mixture onto large marble tables. It is on these marble tables that the 'creaming process' occurs. We continually - by hand and with wood paddles - stir, turn and flip the fudge until we are satisfied with the way the fudge is moving on the table. To be clear, a lot of effort is required and it is an art. This process creates the wonderful, olde fashioned texture of our Fudge that we all enjoy.

Most other makers of Fudge do not make fudge in this way but rather use a more simplified 'Pan Poured Method', usually using machinery and powdered ingredients, that does not include a 'creaming process'. We believe that shortcuts should not be taken. We honour the olde fashioned method of Copper Kettle Fudge made on marble tables.

We are in Quebec, are your flavour signs available in French?
Yes. We have available: French/English and English only signs. Our French/English flavour signs state the flavour and description in French plus the flavour in English.

Should we purchase equipment to make our own fudge or buy READY MADE product from you?
One of the key factors in deciding whether to make your own fudge or purchase Fresh Readymade Fudge is cost. To make your own fudge, you need to purchase equipment and supplies which require "thousands of dollars" of investment. In addition, there are training and set-up requirements including sinks and plumbing to satisfy the Health Department when you make your own fudge. In making your own fudge, consider all the factors: equipment, cost of ingredients, time needed to make it and the experience required to handle the changing weather conditions throughout the year. A lot of fudge sales and effort is required to recover the initial capital investment; versus having it made for you, no mess, no additional staff required, no clean-up, no Department of Health (because our fudge is pre-packaged) and we are just a phone call away - 1-888-235-5552.

We have a number of start-up packages that include everything you need to get started. Just display and start to sell. Our display units are pre-assembled to make your program even easier to begin. This results in "hundreds of dollars" of investment rather than "thousands of dollars"! Our very competitive pricing is due to our ability to purchase raw ingredients in volume and our efficient manufacturing processes that have been developed over almost 35 years. You will find our delivered Fresh Readymade Fudge to often cost less than make-your-own product.

Also, you always know that the fudge made by us is handmade with real butter and milk in Copper Kettles and then 'creamed' by hand on marble tables to create that wonderful texture. If you attempt to make your own fudge you will invariable use a 'powder mix'. This is not ideal if you wish to market 'wholesome, old fashioned fudge.

Modern merchandising has moved in a direction where most Fudge Retailers are marketing many different types of products in the same store (such as giftware, chocolates, ice-cream coffee etc.). Single stream stores for fudge alone seem to be in our past. It is a challenge for retailers to merchandise every product line in a fantastic way. We have discovered in our almost 35 years of business that, these days, if you allow us to deliver a fresh and great product to you, it will allow you more energy and time to focus on great merchandising and even greater customer service.

Having a variety of different Fudge flavours is a very important aspect in your merchandising. Regrettably, with a make-your-own system you get limited in the flavours you can produce and carry due to your individual volume. This can be especially challenging during slower business periods. With our Fresh Readymade Fudge, the minimum to order is very small (just one case) and you can purchase mixed cases of flavours. As little as 8 flavours x 5 slices of each (to fill one case) can be ordered for a minimum order. With next week delivery and almost 50 available flavours, your display will always look fantastic.

If aroma is a factor for you in making your own fudge, keep in mind that the benefits from this come during your busy times. We have found that after a short while, the stress in keeping a close eye on the fudge while trying to serve customers, usually results in your fudge being made at off peak times. Our Fresh Readymade Fudge gives off a wonderful, alluring aroma on its' own. Just open a package and start sampling. You need only take it from the shipping box to the display - ready for sale. It is that simple.

Our inexpensive start-up packages give you the opportunity to test your market and "do it right" the first time. You can always buy the other equipment later if you wish. However, we feel with all the convenience, quality, competitive pricing, strong margins for you, variety and availability every week, you will find our Fresh Readymade Fudge is the best way to go.

Let us do the "heavy lifting" and fine manufacture for you while you focus on GREAT customer service and merchandising! Our staff merchandisers are available to assist and guide you with product placement, pricing and promotion (sampling).


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