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Welcome to the Art of Gourmet Fudge!
Sinfully Delicious...

Our fudge is made the old fashioned, t raditional way. Cooked in copper kettles, then slowly cooled and prepared on our marble tables. We use real butter and milk with no powdered ingredients. This detailed process combined with our European scratch recipe is what gives our fudge that unique creamy, smooth textured fine taste!

Brief History: The principals of The Fudgery Shoppe have been making fudge since 1978.


The Fudge Making Process


The fudge is first cooked in copper kettles...



... then poured onto our marble tables for the creaming process!

(it's poured into a rectangle form so it doesn't flow off the marble table)

The rectangle form is removed and the fudge is stirred and moved around on the marble table.

As the fudge is worked with utensils it begins to take on a creamy texture. It's creamy but not yet creamy enough!

Made with real butter! Only the finest ingredients are used. That personal touch is in every batch!

Now it's exceptionally creamy! Just how our customers like it!

The creaming process with our European scratch recipe is what gives our fudge this gourmet quality resulting in one of the World's Best!

At this stage the fudge is moved into long trough-shaped molds to cool and harden.


Here are four fudge different flavours hardening in the molds. Some flavours have extra toppings/flavours drizzled on top.


Once hardened, the long piece of fudge is cut into slices.

Shelf life: 3 months at room temperature..

These fudge slices are ready for packaging.

With no added preservatives our packaging process locks in that smooth, creamy textured fine taste!


Each piece of fudge that we produce is specially prepared by hand. With many types of fudge in the market place from firm, grainy, sugary to very soft, doughy, gooey we satisfy with a medium texture. If you would like our fudge a little firmer: let it stand out of its package a few hours or over night to allow it to firm up. If you would like your Fudge a little softer: 5 to 10 seconds in the microwave is great! If you would like it to stay softer: knead the fudge until it is as soft as you like. Any of these methods of changing the texture will not affect the wonderful flavour. Hope you like it!

Purchase Fudge Online or at our retail locations:

AAlthough our primary business is selling wholesale to our many retail partners throughout Canada, we do have two retail outlets, open year round, where we sell our fudge and other products directly to the public. V iew our retail locations, product and ordering information online at



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